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Littlemoor Primary School 1879 - 2005 (2)

Littlemoor Primary School
Date 1879 - 2005
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
Littlemoor Primary School Football Team - 1952
The Master was Mr H S Jones, the team with their playing positions were:
R Jones (Centre Forward), R Pritchard (Right Wing), Bruce Teal (Left Half), Robin Lock (Centre Half), Hugh Callard (Left Back), Peter Coultas (Right Half), John Lawson (Inside Right). Terence Brearly (Inside Right), J Rigg (Left Wing), Michael Hughes (Goalkeeper). 

Photo ID    C056
Littlemoor Primary School Football Team - 1952/53
Harry Jones schoolmaster with the school football team.

Photo ID    I019 The 1952/53 football team displaying 2 cups and on the right is teacher Mr H S Jones.

Photo ID    C053
Littlemoor Primary School Cricket Team - 1953
Posing with their cricket bats and shin pads, the school cricket team of 1953, the master standing with them was Harry Jones.

Photo ID    C055
Littlemoor Primary School Mixed Class - 1953
Donated by Hilary Teal and Michael Rolfe who supplied the names:
Back row: John Lawson, Philip Beadle, Bruce Teale, Brian Hearn, Michael Swift, Michael Hughes, Paul Whittam, Tony Saulsbury, Michael Mason.

Third row: Peter Tunstall. Lindie Crawford,  ( ? )  Pamela Morris, Carol Jones,  ( ? )  ( ? )  Jill Heathwaite, Maureen Clark, Penny Seymour, David Longley.

Second row: Jeff Walker, Roger Jones, Bill Tetley,  ( ? )  ( ? )  Margaret Botterell, Maureen Swaine, John Allen, Carol Webb,  ( ? )  David Emsley, Robin Locke.
Front row: David Waterworth, Terry Brearley, Brian Lofthouse, Terence McCully,  ( ? )  Malcolm Pritchard, Keith Durnley.

Photo ID    C054  
Littlemoor Primary School Mixed Class - 1953
Patricia Cater (Barrett) has supplied names for this image as follow:


Back row left to right:  Christopher Grill, John Wilby, Peter Woods, Miles ?  Owen Dodds, Brian Munn, Peter Hardaker, Anthony Clough.  ( ? )

3rd row left to right:  Andrea Brayshaw, Sandra Fowler, Rosemary Farrar, Jean Hearn,  ? McGoldrick, Pat Pritchard, Pauline Sumpton, Pat Morris, Jennifer Jones.

2nd row left to right:  Patricia Cater (Barrett)  ( ? )  Doreen Brown,  ( ? )  Judith Denison, Gillian Oliver, Rene Hardaker, Susan Fawcett, Hilary Teal, Marion Reed.

Front row left to right:  Peter Emsley,  ( ? )  Alan Perkins, John McGoldrick, Brian Houlden.

Photo ID    R584
Littlemoor Primary School Mixed Class - 1953
A photograph of class 2B, taken in May 1953 and donated by Stephanie May then aged 8 years.  She is in the middle of the front row.  Her mother had written the date and class number on the reverse of the photo.  Stephanie remembers borrowing her mother's blouse to wear or the photo, her father Arthur May kept the Off-Licence shop on Canada Road.
Photo ID    EE009
Littlemoor Primary School - Undated
Four undated photographs showing various aspects of the school building.

Photo ID    EE010

Photo ID    EE011

Photo ID    EE012

Photo ID    J379

Littlemoor Primary School, School Sports Day - 1955 
These children were enjoying their Sports Day believed to have been held on the playing field of Benton Park School, this was before the present Benton Park School opened in 1960.
To the left of center the young boy wearing the banded scarf is Roland Brindley and the blonde haired boy two places his right wearing the white tee shirt, Roland identifies as Jim Firth. (14 Jan 21)

Donated by Howard German and Stephen Allinson.

Photo ID    C057
Littlemoor Primary School Football Team - 1955/56
Wearing their football strip, the school team of 1955/56.

Photo ID    I289
Littlemoor Primary School Pupils - 1957/58
A class photo of children in Year 4 or 2nd year.
The donor of the photo Neil Hardisty remembers the teaching staff:

1st Year Juniors - Miss Verity (sister of cricketer Headlley Verity) 
2nd Year Juniors - Miss Edgar
3rd Year Juniors - Mrs Dennison
4th Year Juniors - Mr Jones

The children have been named as:
Back row left to right: Peter Jenkinson, Peter Myers, Derek lazenby, John Weyman, Roger Seaman, Kenneth Smith, Philip Jones, Steven Elliot, Richard Seed, David Topham, Dennis Shutt and Neil Hardisty.
Middle row left to right: Christine Longfellow, Lesley Wells, Pauline Clark, Diana Freeman, ? Putman, Susanah Hewitt, Helen Russell, Irene Foster and Jean Dyson.
Front row from left to right: Peter Finch, Elizabeth Harper, Susan Farnall, jennifer Jenkins, Pamela Lawson, Vivienne Robinson, Margaret Hattersley and Tommy Rhodes.
Missing: David Allerton, Stephen Carlisle, Kathleen McGee, George Stead and John Womersley. 

Photo ID    W147
Littlemoor Primary School Colours - 1968
The school colours awarded to Paul Greenwood for his sporting achievements.
Donated by Paul Metcalf.

Photo ID    I065
Littlemoor Primary School Newspaper - 1968
Children producing the school newspaper.
Photographer Bryan Waite, donated by his family.

Previous Comments:

Re I019


This was an outstanding year for Rawdon Littlemoor when they won both cups. Back row left to right:- Mr Heavysides, Michael Waite, Edwin Broadbent, Michael Hughes, John Lawson, Robin Lock, Geoff Walker, Mr Harry Jones. Front Row :- Francis Newton, Malcom Pritchard, Bruce Teale (capt.) Terry Brierley, Roger Jones.
My elder brother Bruce moved himself from centre half to centre forward to score a captains goal. I myself played in a few of the earlier games but eventually lost my place to John Lawson.
The father of one of the opposing teams players was so confident of victory that he had cup winners medals made then sadly for him had to give them to the Rawdon players after their victory.

29 May 2017


Front row - left to right. David Waterworth - - Terence ? - - -. 2nd Row - Roger Jones Billy Tetley Ruth Pollard Pat Grant Margaret Botterill Maureen Swain Jean Allen Carolyn Webb - - - 3rd Row Peter Tunstall Linda? - Pam? Carol Jones - - - - Penny? David Longley. Top Row John Lawson Phillip Beadle - - Michael Swift?

25 March 2015


Front row left to right
2nd Terry Brierley 3rd Brian Lofthouse
2nd row
1st Geoffrey Walker 11th David Emsley 12th Robin Lock
Back row
3rd Bruce Teale 6th Michael Hughes 7th Paul Whittaker

16 July 2017

Richard Hayes: At the very back, fourth from left, Donald Micklethwaite.

Third row 10th from L, Rodney Gregory.Rodney went on to become a ladies hairdresser in Guiseley I think. His Dad had a gents hairdresser's shop on New Road side opposite the new Littlemoor school.Second row: From left. 5 Me! Richard Hayes, now living in Cyprus. 6 Michael Emsley.The family owned Emsley's bakers shop opposite Rawdon Littlemoor.

Behind him is Rodney Whitham 7 Gordon Longfellow. 8 Stephen ? 9 John Payne who lived in the very last house on the right at the top of Green Lane.

10 Looks a bit like David Wilson. The family used to live in Harrogate Road in the right house of a pair of semis where a defunct petrol station was sited. Close to the huge bill board before you got to the Stone Trough pub. 12 Pat Ingleson. 14 Judith Merredith 15 Ronnie ? At very far right is Eileen Shannon I think. Behind her far right I think is Pauline Widdop. I think her dad had a window cleaning business. Front row: 5 left Anne Croft. The family were Crofts Hauliers in Yeadon. There are many others I recognise but their names escape me. I do hope others will fill in the blanks. We all looked so happy. None of us knew what was in store for us back then. Happy days!

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Roland Brindley
Roland Brindley
J379 dark haired Roland Brindley wearing banded scarf one row from the back, very blonde Jim Firth wearing white T shirt 2 places left. I think this was taken on Littlemoor and not in Benton Park House grounds.
14 January 2021
Many thanks Roland for the valuable update you have provided. It is always pleasing to have the children in photographs like these identified for information now and for future generations who may peruse the AHS Website pages. I have updated your information on the photograph text accordingly. Kind regards, Jack Brayshaw. AHS.
15 January 2021
My brother David Wells is on the photo CO54.
Front row . 2nd from the left.
08 October 2021
Many thanks 'quitsupporter' for the information, I will forward it to our archivists.
Kind regards,
Jack Brayshaw.
08 October 2021
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