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Lane Head 1980

Lane Head Title
Lane Head, Apperley Lane
Date 1980
Location Rawdon
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This substantial property is a Grade 11 listed building in the Little London conservation area, it is now divided into apartments.
It was built to be the home of the Steward of the Esholt estate circa 1710-20, it is similar in style to Esholt Hall and is thought to have been designed by the same architect, Joseph Pope of Farnley.
The most prominent person to make their home at Lane Head was William.E. Forster (1818-1886), he was involved in the wool trade.
In 1861 he became MP for Bradford and retained the seat until his death.
He was Minister for Education and responsible for the 1870 Education Act, this gave local school boards the power to provide primary schools where they were needed. Bradford paid tribute to him by erecting his statue in the city centre and naming the surround Forster Square.



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