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Harrogate Road (1)

Harrogate Road
Date 1800's to present
Location Rawdon
Photo ID A326
Harrogate Road - 1800's
The two cottages in view are on Harrogate Road built in 1831. The cottage with the porch was the home of Hedley Verity and his sister Grace. Hedley Verity was a famous cricketer playing for Yorkshire and England in the 1930's. He was injured during WWII and died in an Italian prisoner of war camp in 1943. His sister Grace Verity taught at Rawdon Littlemoor School.
To the right of the cottages is Park Road then the recreation green known as Littlemoor.
Donated by David Teale


Photo ID    E010
Harrogate Road - 1800's
On the left at the junction of Harrogate Road and Batter Lane is Rawdon Littlemoor School, the school opened in 1879. In 2012 the school was converted to residential apartments, a replacement school having been built on New Road Side Rawdon.
The chapel on the right was a place of worship for Primitive Methodists and opened in 1867, closing in 1974, eventually demolished and replaced with housing.


Photo ID    BB076
Harrogate Road - Undated
Looking towards Rawdon crossroads, on the right is the butchers shop formerly Rigg's butchers now Wilkinson Butchers (2021)

Photo ID    FBA013    
Harrogate Road -1919/28
Newly built houses on Harrogate Road, part of the Canada Estate development.
Littlemoor School is in the centre of the view which looks towards Rawdon crossroads. The was on the right is the boundary for Benton Park.


Photo ID    DD017    
Harrogate Road - 1920's
After a heavy snowfall
Photo ID    PU172   
Harrogate Road - 1932
A tram is approaching the traffic lights at the crossroads on New Road Side and the junction with Harrogate Road.
Donated by Julie Boocock and Ellie Cockcroft

Photo ID    PU167   
Harrogate Road - 1932
View looking up Harrogate Road with Canada Drive on the right.
Donated By Julie Boocock and Ellie Cockcroft


Photo ID    J450    
Harrogate Road - C1947
Harrogate Road looking in the direction of the Stone Trough Public House.
Photographer Marmaduke Milner donated by the Swain Family of Rawdon.



Photo ID    B747    
Harrogate Road - Undated
At no 29 Harrogate Road was John Downie, Coal Merchant. The owner was Mr Verity who lived at No 27 Harrogate Road with his family. The son Hedley Verity who played cricket for England tragically died at Monte Cassino during WWII. 

Photo ID    S297    
Harrogate Road - 1957
A postcard view of Harrogate Road looking towards Rawdon crossroads.
The newsagents advertising the Daily Mail is still today a newsagents and general store (2021),
In the centre is Addy's outfitters, the adjoining shop has the name Rawnsley's above the window.
hannah 1
The little snicket on the left hand side of the cottages was where you could go down to the cinema, and further down to New Road Side
11 July 2013
I remember so well running up and down that snicket and alo rode my bike down there when you got to the Temp there was another snicket across the road that took you parallel with the park into the fields at the back.
The bottom photo the building between Rawnsleys bakers and Teales is a bank think it was Barclays? and between Addy's and the lights was the Post Office and if you went upstairs by the very narrow steep steps there was a gentlemans barbers. Between Teals and Rigg's butchers was Lawrence(Lorrie) Denbeigh shoe shop and repairers
Great photos thanks for sharing them
20 January 2014
hannah 1
Teales shop newsagents and home made ice cream after the war it was a treat to watch Mrs Teale making it in front of your eyes. Next was Rawnsleys ( I think that it was a branch of the Yeadon shop) which came later as before it had been the Post Office run by Mr Pullan and then it moved further down. After Addys there are two semis set back, the left hand side one was a hairdressers run by Mrs Lily Dearing. Then the new post office after the war, but before that I can remember buying sweets there and stationary. Eventually Addy's extended and it is now three shops.20 January 2014

Photo ID    S298    
Reverse side of above postcard - 1957
On the reverse of the postcard is the message -
Monday 7.00pm Dear Mum and Dad
Just an odd line to let you know Carol has passed her scholarship. We haven't got notified which school but I think it will be Aireborough Grammar. We feel pleased and know you will be. Am going up to tell  A V and W J
Love from us all xxx
It was sent to an address in St Ives, Cornwall.

Photo ID    M312
Harrogate Road - 1960's
Looking in the direction of Rawdon crossroads, the wall on the right is the boundary wall to Benton Park School.
 Photographer Charles Lideard donated by his daughter Christine Hogg
Photo ID    N225
Harrogate Road - 1960's
Going up Harrogate Road towards Yeadon, the Stone Trough public house is coming up on the right hand side. The houses just in view before the Stone Trough are the stone built terraced cottages at the bottom of Canada Road.
Photographer Charles Lideard donated by his daughter Christine Hogg
Photo ID    L274
Harrogate Road - 1960's
Going up Harrogate Road approaching the Green lane junction on the left. In view on the left is the Petrol station and Aldridge Bros Garage.
Photographer Charles Lideard donated by his daughter Christine Hogg
Photo ID    L049
Harrogate Road - 1968
A lone figure holding an umbrella battles through a great storm which ended in a flood.
Photographer Charles Lideard donated by his daughter Christine Hogg.
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