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Garden of Remembrance

Garden of RemembranceGarden of Remembrance, RawdonGarden of Remembrance, Rawdon.
Garden of Remembrance
Date Undated
Location Rawdon
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1: The Garden of Remembrance and War Memorial are at the corner of Micklefield Road and Leeds Road, it was laid out in 1926.

2: The memorial cross surrounded by floral tributes, a little girl is looking at them and has a hand up to her face -- a salute or tears?

3: Tinted postcard view of the Garden of Remembrance on New Road Side.
The card was sent to Miss Hilda Thompson of Bingley, the message reads "Dear H, just a card to show you one of my favourite places in Rawdon, this is where I spend a lot of mornings, love Edith. Excuse writing"
The card was printed for Fred Hardaker, Popular Stores, Rawdon.
4: A photo and information which were published in the Wharfedale Observer.


Used to march here on Rememberance Day with my Brownie Pack. We were Rawdon Brownies and we met in a little hut in the wood we called Brownies Wood which was in Crowtrees at the bottom of the allotments that ran from the end of Larkfield Drive down to Crowtrees that was then a convalescent home. That was in 1950s and the wood and stone edged pathways ran through the woods which were full of bluebells in spring. I played for hours there with friends when I lived in Larkfield Avenue. VAL RYAN (Valerie Hoare)
06 July 2016
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