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Friends School 1832 - 1924 (2)

Friends School 1832 - 1924 (2)
Date 1832 - 1924
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
Friends School Pupils - 1897
A class of girls having a drill lesson.

Photo ID    S09
Friends School Pupils - 1897
Girls playing tennis.

Photo ID    S05
Friends School Staff - 1897
Staff photograph at the Friends School.

Photo ID    S06
Friends School Staff - 1897
Staff with family members, Thomas Sittle is on the right, holding up a penny farthing bicycle. 

Photo ID    S10
Friends School Pupils - 1898
Boys out in the school playground.

Photo ID    S15
Friends School Pupils - 1898
Boys out in the school playground.

Photo ID    A324
Friends School Pupils - Undated
Children in the school playground on Low Green. 

Photo ID    A434
Friends School Foundation Stone - 1998
Foundation stone for an extension to the Friends (Quakers) School on Low Green.
The school opened in 1832 and closed in 1924.
The inscription on the stone reads: 'This stone was laid by Briggs Priestley MP June ? 1898' 

Photo ID    S13
Friends School Classroom - 1905

A photograph showing a Friends School classroom. 
This photograph was originally dated as 1908, however, it has now been re dated thanks to an 'eagle eyed' member who noticed that the date on the blackboard read: July 24th 1905.  See S13A below.
Many thanks to Gill.

Photo ID    S13A    
Friends School Classroom - 1905
An enlargement of S13 above, clearly showing the date July 24th 1905.

Photo ID    G094
Friends School Classroom - 1908
Boy's classroom at the Friends School (Quaker) Low Green.
Looking down the classroom past long desks with fixed seating, there are dividing doors to create smaller rooms, an open fire and bookcases.
Illumination was provided by gas lighting and there are large desks for the master(s) 

Photo ID    A333
Friends School, Low Green - 1978
Low Green, an assortment of buildings which once housed the Society of Friends School (Quakers).
It closed in 1924, for a time people lived in the buildings, they are now utilised by various companies. 

Photo ID    A334
The inscribed stone 'Friends School' set into the wall can still be seen.

Photo ID    A335
Leeds Road and the old Friends School are to the left of this view.
There is an entrance between the building with the gable end wall and the beginning of the row of cottages which led to a yard where there were houses for the school masters.
The cottage with the railings had once been a laundry which was partly underground.  Low Green leds to Cliffe Lane and Cragg Woods. 

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The date on the blackboard is 'July 24th 1905', so perhaps the reference date of this item should be changed.

17 March 2019


worked there from 1973 till 1976 aireborough engineering as a welder and sheet metal worker ,we had the three storeys of right hand building and building opposite and also far right ground floor for steel storage little stone building in yard in front of Mini was outside loo to the left of mini and in front was paint shop and blacksmiths shop

01 January 2014 

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