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Crowtrees 1935

Date 1935
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
A086 A087,A088

On the site of the present house (seen here) was a Tudor house.

A date stone was found at the back of the house marked 1626, another to the front had 1670 on it with the initials CC.
It was owned at some point by the Cotes family, it was also an Inn the last landlord being Thomas Harper.
This house was demolished by John Venimore Godwin of Micklefield House and the present building erected.
Godwin utilized materials from the old house and rebuilt in a similar style.
In this view a group of people are on the right, possibly the family of the owner, Heaton Naylor.
It later became an old peoples home which has since closed.




I wonder if anyone remembers the generosity of the Naylor family who had a wonderful Brownie and Guide hut built in the grounds. It was like a tree house....magic... and the lending of their private tennis court to Rawdon Youth club in the 50s. Some great memories there.
09 July 2015
I too remember the lovely Brownie Hut at the back. I used to go there in 1950s. I lived on Larkfield Ave and we used to cut down through Brownies Wood (where allotments are) climb over a fence to the Brownie Hut. It was a magical place and I can remember Brown Owl and Tawny Owl and the huge red toadstool with white spots! I was a sprite!
13 December 2018
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