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Cragg Wood Baptist Burial Ground

Baptists Burial Ground

Cragg Wood Baptist Burial Ground
Date 2012
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
FB137 Photographer Dennis Court
Graves in the old Baptist burial Ground, uncovered when clearance of the site began for a building project.
The graveyard, some 450 square yards, was acquired in 1712 from John Gibson of Yeadon for 10/-.
A chapel was built next to the graveyard which was in use until 1765 when a replacement was constructed on Micklefield Lane.
The site was neglected until 1912 when it was restored only to be left again to Nature's devices until recently when the land was cleared.


Undated: The burial ground is in Cragg Wood, in the background are greenhouses which belonged to Mansell & Hatcher orchid growers.

Donated by Ruth Ashton ward


2016: Donated by Ruth Ashton Ward who supplied the following information :

  "View of the renovated "potting shed" from the Mansell & Hatcher Nursery, with the Baptist burial ground below it in our garden in Cragg Wood.

The potting shed built around C1850s and built on the footprint of the original Baptist Chapel that stood there from 1715 - 1730s.

The Baptist burial ground also from 1715 and is now a grade 2 scheduled ancient monument with around 19 tombs".


I used to run like crazy past here on my way home. Felt very spooky.
05 August 2018
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