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Cragg Baptists Ladies Class 1930s

Cragg Baptists Ladies Class
Cragg Baptists Ladies Class
Cragg Baptists Ladies Class
Date 1930s
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
I012 & I013
Top: Ladies in costume preparing to act in a play.

Bottom: Members of the Ladies Class many of them dressed to take part in a Gypsy Fair.
A memorial stone on the left reads:
"This memorial stone was laid by Arthur Briggs 18th October 1884"
This date doesn't quite fit with the dates when the Baptist Chapels were built on Micklefield Lane that is 1765 and 1892 so perhaps the ladies were photographed elsewhere.

The photographs were taken at the entrance to the Assembly Rooms which were eventually attached at right angles to the church .
14 August 2016
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