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Conservative Club 1908

Conservative Club Title
Conservative Club
Date 1908
Location Rawdon
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This scene is outside the Conservative Club on Over Lane, the club had begun in 1886 with 25 members but not at this venue, this building still stands.

In 1911 a new club was built on Leeds Road which still remains.
The Conservative election candidate was John James Oddy, he is standing on the steps wearing a top hat and has a buttonhole, on his left is a lady wearing an extravagant hat, perhaps Mrs Oddy?
Voting took place on 20th June 1908, the other candidates were Frederick Ogden, Liberal and from the new Labour Party J.W. Benson.
Mr Oddy won the election with 5,444 votes.
Perhaps his supporters were rallied by all the rousing posters seen here
"Which will you have the Workhouse or the Workshop"
"Cheaper coal for the foreigner Dearer coal to you"
Mr Oddy lost the seat in the 1910 General Election to Mr Ogden.
This is a wonderful display of Edwardian fashion!


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