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Canada Road 1947

Canada Road
Date C1947
Location Rawdon
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J321 + J390     Photographer Marmaduke Milner, donated by the Swain family of Rawdon
1: Looking down Canada Road towards Harrogate Road with a view of the moors on the skyline.

2: Canada Road looking towards Larkfield.

Hi Carlo,

Hope you are well despite the 'April' weather. A comment you may wish to add to the two lovely images of Canada Road:- An early 19th century deed shows that the land behind Canada Road was known as Canada. There are several theories why the country's name is associated with Rawdon. There are three places in Canada named Rawdon, so there is a mutual affinity. They are named after Sir Francis Rawdon-Hastings, the family seat being Rawdon Hall. Sir Francis had a distinguished military career and became Governor General of Bengal, India. Use of the name Canada dates from the late 18th/early 19th century. The houses on Canada Road were built on a mutual help or building 'club' basis, as were houses on Club Row, Yeadon, near the Tarn. A similar connection with the British Empire is found with Canadian city street names in Chapel Allerton, Leeds. 

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29th July 2017


Two years after I was born I lived on Larkfield Ave and this is how I remember Canada Road. My Mum moved there to a weavers cottage near the bottom on right. Half way down was an arch and there was Claughtons (later Mays) off licence and general store. Top of road on right behind phone box was our wonderful fish and chips shop in 70s run by the lovely Mr and Mrs Dennison who lived on Markham Ave went to school with their son Keith who tragically died very young. I worked for Mr Dennison in 1966 when he was manager of Rawson Co-op. Never really appreciated that wonderful backdrop I took it for granted, as we had the highest house on Larkfield and views from my bedroom window were stunning. Thanks for sharing photo
17 July 2017
J321 The girl on the black bicycle is Judith Wood.
21 January 2020
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