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Benton Players "At Home" 1925

Benton Players
Benton PlayersBenton PlayersBenton Players
Benton Players
Date 14th March 1925
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
E133 + E134 + E135 & E136
Top: "At Home"
A drama given by the Benton Players.
From left to right the cast were:
Roy Meldrum: Margaret Roberts: Nancy Creasey: Dora Creasey: Kathleen Parker: John Cree: Elsie Hyde: Edna Gill

Upper Middle: Scene from a play performed by the Benton Players, the actors were, from left to right, Margaret Roberts Elsie Hyde Edna Gill Kathleen Parker John Cree Dora Creasey Nancy Creasey Roy Meldrum

Lower Middle: A domestic drama produced by the Benton Players, left to right the cast were Margaret Roberts Roy Meldrum John Cree
Nancy Creasey Kathleen Parker Elsie Hyde Edna Gill

Bottom: Part 2 of this play was titled "The Boy Comes Home", in this scene uncle James was played by Mr D Ellis, aunt Emily by Betty Cree.




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