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Benton Congregational Church 1957

Benton Congregational Church, Rawdon. 1957

Benton Congregational Church
Date 1957
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
D280     Image donated by Val Ryan (Hoare)
Top: This is now Trinity Church.
This photo was taken in March on the stage of the Church Hall, it marked a "Birthday Effort".
The girls are, from the left, Janet Helmsley, Valerie Hoare, Janice Brooksbank. 
The boys, again from the left, are Howard Atkinson, Neville Brooksbank and Alan Atkinson.

Middle: The Rose Queen and her attendants, photograph taken in July, to the left of the Queen is Janet Helmsley with Valerie Hoare on the right.
There were several members of the Widdop family among the other children.
The location was the garden of the Manse, in the top right corner is a glimpse of what was know as the Drill Hall, now Greenacre Hall.

Bottom: July. The crowning of the Rose queen, the retiring Queen is o the right.


Rose Queen was Barbara Winfield
30 May 2015
Yes, the rose queen in the photos is me, (Barbara Winfield) I remember the others in the photo well. I think I was the last rose queen at Benton.
03 September 2015
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