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Baptist Manse 1970

Baptist ManseBaptist Manse
Baptist Manse
Date Undated
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
A336 & A433
The Manse was built on Apperley Lane in 1792, the Baptist Chapel was at this time on Micklefield Lane.
(Demolished in 1992, new houses are on the site, the graveyard was leveled and grassed over, one gravestone was left with a sundial from the second Chapel to be built on the site)
The Manse came with a small pasture to enable the Minister to keep a cow, it is now a private dwelling. (January 2013)




The top picture, the left hand side part of the house,upstairs was a large meeting room the full length,accessed by a small staircase leading from inside the back door. At ground floor was a large room with a very old fireplace. It has now been modernised.
11 July 2013
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