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Airedale International Air Conditioning 2014

Airedale AC, Rawdon. March 2014
Airedale AC, Rawdon. March 2014Airedale AC, Rawdon. March 2014Airedale AC, Rawdon. March 2014
Airedale International Air Conditioning 
1,2,3,4,6,7,8: April 2014
9: May 2014
5: July 2014
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
1,2,3,4,6,7,8: Photographer Joanne Coultas
5: Photographer Dennis Court
9 E455: Photographer Edwy Harling
1.2.3 & 4: Demolition of fire damaged buildings which were part of the Airedale International Air Conditioning plant on Leeds Road.
The company has been operating since 1974, the factory is being rebuilt (April 2014)

5: Piles of building materials on the site of the Airedale works which was greatly damaged by a fire on September 3rd 2013.
6,7,8: Looking through the gates of Airedale Heating piles of building materials are in view.
The factory is being reconstructed following a fire.

9: The factory on Leeds Road was badly damaged by fire last year, production was moved to a site in Leeds.
BAM Construct have announced (June 2014) that they are to build a £25 million replacement facility, it will cover an area almost the same size as the previous building but the internal layout will incorporate new designs.
The view shows piles of building materials.


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