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Aireborough Urban District Council 1937 - 1974

Aireborough Urban District Council 
Date 1937 to 1974
Location Rawdon
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Aireborough Urban District Council - 1937
A group photograph of the first Aireborough Urban District Council (AUDC),taken outside Micklefield House.
In 1937, AUDC, was formed by the amalgamation of Yeadon, Guiseley and Rawdon and it was decided to use Micklefield House as the Council Headquarters.

Photo ID    V57
Aireborough Urban District Council - 1940
AUDC Sign & Fairfield Plaque (1940) 

On the left, a sign which would have been displayed at Micklefield House "Offices of the Aireborough Urban District Council".

On the right a small wood backed plaque: "Municipality of Fairfield. The Council of the Municipality of Fairfield.  Presented to Aireborough Urban District Council. By Alderman Schofield, JP. Former Manager on Behalf of Fairfield       ? ?      Australia"

Does anyone know why this plaque was given to Aireborough?  What is the connection between Fairfield and Aireborough?

Aireborough Urban District Council late 1050's

Aireborough Urban District Council - 1950s
On the back row from left to right:  the 3rd man is Donald Best, then William Hudson, 7th is Rowland Hardwick, 8th Jack Richardson (father of Jean Richardson).  The 10th man is Jack Prince and the 15th, Sydney Rhodes.
On the front row from left to right: 2nd lady is Elsie Hutchinson, in the centre is Chairman Reg Finch.
The photo was donated by Jean Richardson.
Photo ID    G187    
Aireborough Urban District Council - 1968
Members of AUDC, the Chairman was John F Ambler, on his left is Councillor William Hudson.  The Vice Chairman was F G Allerton.

Photo ID    J474
Aireborough Urban District Council - 1969
A group photo of the AUDC.
The Chairman in the centre of the front row is F G Allerton, on his immediate right is William Hudson then John Ambler. 


Photographer Bryan Waite donated by his family. 

Photo ID    K245
The new Chairman of AUDC was Mr F G Allerton.  The retiring Chairman Mr John Ambler on Mr Allerton's right. 

Photo ID    K246
Here a group of Councillors with John Ambler seated on the left, Mr Allerton in the centre and on his right is Mrs Elsie Mitchell. 

Photo ID    K247
Mr Ambler handing over the chain of office to Mr Allerton. 

Photo ID    FB200 

Aireborough Urban District Council - 1971/72

Aireborough Council ceased to be when Aireborough was taken into the Leeds Metropolitan District in 1974.
Fifth from the left in the 2nd row is David Wild, the Chairman was Herbert Watling Freeman.

Photo ID    FBA168
Aireborough Urban District Council - 1973
Councillors and workmen from the buildings and repairs section of the AUDC on their annual outing. 
Donated by Jean Dean.

Previous Comments:
Re J474

Neil Hardisty

Standing between councillors Hudson and Allerton is Col. Watson who was the bursar at Woodhouse Grove School.

18 August 2017

Graham Branston

I had the pleasure of meeting William Hudson, a Councillor I respected, when I worked in the Policy Unit of Leeds City Council. He was Lord Mayor of Leeds in 1977/8.

18 August 2017


Met William Hudson on his visits to Airedale and Wharfedale Education Offices Barcroft Yeadon where I worked in early 60s he was a lovely man who devoted so much of his time to the local community.

18 August 2017

Maggie Hudson

As I am married to Bill Hudson, we can actually name most of the gathering.

18 August 2017


Photo 1: Mrs Edna Mitchell front row 2nd from right
Cyril Hardwick 2nd row, 2nd from right
Photo 3 Stan Southards back row 1st on left Later he was Chair of Governors at Guiseley School - following WIllie Hudson.

04 September 2017


I worked for Aireborough UDC at Micklefield House in 1969. I got a member of staff pregnant so had to leave for a higher paying job. I joined the police which had double the pay and a free house.. I was a good plan for 6 years until I regrouped and went for my eventual career. 'Needs must'.

04 September 2017

Anne Verina Bishop

My late husband Raymond Norman Wear Bishop was chairman Of Aireborough UDC immediately following Frank Allerton and before Herbert Freeman. He is sitting on Cllr Allertons left in the photograph. He died in November 1973 aged 49

01 January 2021


Does anybody know much about the Barcroft building what was the educational offices in the 60’s?

07 January 2021


Dear Tom,
It used to be north area HQ for Leeds Library Services. When I went back to work in libraries I had an interview there and used to go on a mobile library from there starting 1978. I think it was around 1993 when library services were reorganised and vacated the building. I think it was used as offices after that. Kind Regards, Christine Lovedale, AHS.

08 January 2021


I believe the building in the attached photo was the local Education Office until AUDC was merged into Leeds City Council. Up to this time education in the West Riding outside the large city areas was the responsibility of the WRCC (West Riding County Council) based in Wakefield. Barcroft House was the local office. I seem to remember the local education officers name was Ducker in 1950-60's. This is what I remember but it is a long time ago and needs confirmation. Philip Archdale AHS

09 January 2021

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