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Aerial View 1962

Rawdon 1962
Rawdon 1962
Aerial View of Rawdon
Date 1962
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
FBA061 & FBA062     Images donated by David Teale
Top: Apperley Lane runs from top to bottom of the image, just right of centre.
The Little London area is to the left of the road.

Bottom: The view looks across from the area of the Billing.
In the top left corner is Micklefield Park and Whitelands.
New Road Side (A65) runs at an angle across the top of the image.
In the top right corner Benton Park School is clearly visible with Harrogate Road in front of the playing fields and just above at the right edge is Naylor Jenning's Mill on Green Lane.
In the lower section of the view is the old Larkfield Mill, it was to become Cartwrights pill factory. On the Larkfield Road side was the business of Storey Evans.


Lovely to see this photo the bottom one in particular as you can see the Rawdon that I remember when I left school. You can now realise how large the allotments in Peashill are and also the field is there that was at the back of my house at High Royd Larkfield Ave, my bedroom window used to face onto this field and Sheila Ryder used to keep her horse there. Later houses were built on this land. Great to see the Larkfield Mill too and Cartwrights where I worked in my school holidays (then Timothy Whites and Taylors) I was canning anti freeze and used to go home blue! My Dad later worked there before he died and my Mum also worked at Story Evans after the war. Thanks David Teale are you any relation of Lily Teale (married name HOPE use to live top of Carr Lane later Queensway) she used to clean for my Mum and I loved her a lot. My brother was a pilot about this time and worked out of Yeadon I will have to see if he has any aerial shots, he used to fly over the house at High Royd and hover and move his wings and we used to run out on the lawn waving a tea towel! Valerie Ryan (nee Hoare)
25 October 2013
The top photo was in fact taken after 1970. My old house in Upper Lombard Street shows the white exterior shutters I fitted in 1970.
10 November 2019
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