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Aerial View 1997

Aerial View of Rawdon. 1997

Aerial View
Date 1997
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
FBA166     Donated by Matt Grimshaw
At the top of the image running left to right is Green Lane, Rawdon Fire Station is on the left, Naylor Jennings Green Lane Dyeworks is to the right.
Benton Park School is the large cream coloured building to the right,access to the front is from Harrogate Road.
New Road (A65) runs diagonally from the left to the right bottom corner where it meets Harrogate Road at the crossroads.
    The building with the flat red and white roof was a petrol station, it was built on the site of the old Temperance Hall which in turn became a cinema, Rawdon Empire.
A small row of housing is there now named Weavers Fold (November 2013).
    In the foreground is Micklefield Park, Micklefield House, Rawdon Library  and "L" shaped stone buildings which were the stables for Micklefield House are seen just right of centre.


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