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Stansfield, William Rookes Crompton

William Rookes Crompton Stansfield

William Rookes Crompton Stansfield
Date 1860s
Location Esholt
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Ann Stansfield had inherited the Esholt estate from her brother Robert, she was married to a barrister named William Rookes. 
They had two daughters, the elder, Anna Maria, married Joshua Crompton and they in turn became owners of the estate. 
When Anna Maria died (her husband pre-deceased her) in 1819 their eldest son William Rookes Crompton inherited Esholt Hall and estate with a request that Stansfield be added to the surname.
His wife was Emma Markham, they had no children. 
He had a short lived political career as an MP for Huddersfield. 
William died in 1871, the property passed to a nephew, Colonel W H Crompton Stansfield.

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