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Stansfield, Robert

Robert Stansfield

Robert Stansfield
Date Undated
Location Esholt
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Robert was the son of Robert Stansfield senior and Anne Busfield and was born in 1728.
He purchased the Esholt estate from Sir Walter Calverley Blackett to whom he had previously lent money for £40,000 in 1755, on the 5th of May in the same year he married Jane Ferrand. Her father Richardson Ferrand  was a clergyman and Lord of the Manor of Idle, Jane brought with her a dowry of £4,800 in property and an income of £400 per year.
    Roberts fortune was further increased when he inherited an estate valued at £2,000 on the death of his brother William, another deceased brother Thomas also left him a considerable amount of money.
Unfortunately Robert did not live very long afterwards to enjoy his wealth and died in 1772 aged only 44.
     As he and Jane had produced no children his sister Anne, his only surviving sibling, would inherit the estate and fortune.
She married William Rookes  and the estate passed to the Rookes Crompton Stansfield family.
    There is a memorial plaque to Robert Stansfield in St Oswalds Church, Guiseley which pays this tribute "He was of a friendly, generous and affectionate disposition, esteemed by his acquaintance, beloved by his relations and was truly deserving the character of a worthy gentleman".

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