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Senior, Job

Job Senior

Job Senior
Date 1780-1857 (researched by Damian Pittam)
Location Ilkley
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Job Senior was the illegitimate son of Ann Senior of Beckfoot near Ilkley, as a young man he earned his living working as a labourer in the Ilkley area. 
He became a heavy drinker and regular work became increasingly hard to find.
While doing casual farm work at Burley Woodhead he met a widow who was considerably older than himself. 
She had a cottage and garden on the edge of Rombalds Moor, he also believed she had money, he married her to gain a home and the money.
   His wife did not live for long after the wedding but his dreams of a comfortable life were thwarted when relatives of her first husband demolished the cottage, any money hidden in the house was either removed or lost in the rubble!
    Job constructed a basic shelter from the ruins of the cottage, it was just big enough for him to crawl into. 
He ate mostly potatoes which he grew in the remains of the garden, as he neither washed or changed his clothes his unkempt appearance made him unwelcome in local hostelries! 
He became known as the Hermit of Rombalds Moor and  was eventually taken into the workhouse at Carlton where he died aged 77, he is buried in the churchyard at Burley-in-Wharfedale. 
The Inn on Ghylmoor Road, Burley Woodhead is named after him.

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