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Calverley Blackett, Sir Walter

Sir Walter Calverley Blackett
Date Undated
Location Esholt
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Sir Walter Calverley Blackett was born on December 18th 1707, the son of Sir Walter Calverley and Lady Julia Calverley
In 1729 he made a controversial marriage to Elizabeth Ord who was the illegitimate daughter of his uncle Sir William Blackett (his mother's brother).
This was not a happy choice from his parent's point of view, Sir William had been involved with Jacobite sympathisers, a connection which cost Sir Walter Calverley his position as Lord Lieutenant of the County, he was not reinstated into the position for 14 years.
      Sir William had no legitimate heirs and promised young Sir Walter that he would inherit the family estates including Wallington Hall if he married Elizabeth Ord and added Blackett to his surname.
      The couple spent most of their time at Wallington Hall, Esholt being regarded as a minor second home.
Their only child was a daughter Elizabeth who died aged 17.
In 1755 the Esholt estate was sold to Robert Stansfield.
Sir Walter died in 1777 aged 70, the Wallington estate was inherited by John Trevelyan, the son of Sir Walter Calverley Blackett's sister Julia.

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