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Bland, Samuel

Samuel Bland

Samuel Bland
Date Undated
Location Guiseley
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Samuel was the step father of Adelaide Neilson, he was one of 3 brothers. 
In 1851 Benjamin and John Atkinson Bland had a grocers and druggists store at Henshaw Lane Head in Yeadon. 
Samuel also had experience as a druggist. 
The Bland family built the Manor House at Burnsall but Samuel met Anne Elizabeth Brown when he became her neighbour in St Peter's Square, Leeds. 
Anne Brown had briefly been an actress when she became pregnant. 
The father of her child Elizabeth is not known, on her marriage to Samuel the child became known as Elizabeth Bland.
     The family moved to a house at Greenbottom, Guiseley where Samuel made a living as a plumber and painter. 
He was a good father to Elizabeth (she later changed to her professional name of Adelaide Neilson) and a son Charles born when Elizabeth was eleven.
    In 1872 Samuel died aged only 48, this was just before Adelaide went on her first tour of America. 
She subsequently bought her mother and brother a house in Rawdon. 
This is a self-portrait of Samuel.

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