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Bell, Edith Maud

Edith Maud Bell
Date 1938 / 1941
Location Guiseley
Photo ID
W15 to W19     Donated by Mark Pontin
The family originally came from Newcastle, Edith Maud was involved in the Cotopa Mill disaster, aged 15 in September 1941.
Tragically she lost her life of injuries sustained in an explosion at the mill.
See also Aireborough Historical Society web-site image  U07 and Round & About Aireborough, volume V, pages 122- 124 by Martin Rigg.
It would be a fitting memorial to the four girls who died to have a blue plaque on the site.

Edith Maud & Dorothy Bell, Guiseley
Photo taken outside 13 Silverdale Avenue, Edith Maud is on the left.

Edith Maud is on the left with her sister Dorothy (Dolly) to the right, taken at 13 Silverdale Aveunue.

Edith Maud Bell, died aged only 15 during after an explosion at the Cotopa Mill on Back Lane.

A swimming certificate gained in Newcastle before she lived in Guiseley.

A moving document which brought to a conclusion the brief life of Edith Maud.


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