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Barrett, Lavinia

'Ma' Lavinia Barrett
'Ma' Lavinia Barrett
'Ma' Lavinia Barrett
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
FF182 + FF183 & FF184
Comment Top: Seated outside Shaw Beck House are, on the left, "Ma" Lavinia Barrett, Mr Mason is in the middle and Mrs Mason on the right. 
The two children are described as being "Clarice's boys".

Middle: On the left is Mrs Mason, then Mr Mason and on the right "Ma" Lavinia  Barrett. 
The child was called Bonnie and was one of the grandchildren of Mr and Mrs Lamb who were the owners of Shaw Beck House. 
The Mason's were an affluent couple who had been keen patrons of the Peoples Theatre (Peeps) and supported other theatrical productions. 
Mrs Barrett lived at Shaw Beck House and the Masons cared for her until her death in 1945. 
Mrs Mason died shortly after, Mr Mason later remarried.

Bottom: Lavinia Barrett was born around 1850, she was the daughter of Mr Batty, he cut the first sod when the Temperance Hall was being built. 
They lived in a cottage in the mill yard of Manor Mill, she had no education and was illiterate. 
She married Ned Barrett and for a time they were licencees of the Royalty Inn until Ned died at an early age.
    Lavinia returned to Yeadon and found a home in "Hell Square", later she moved to Miry Lane and made a living providing accommodation, many actors traveling with repertory companies stayed with her, they would have appeared in productions at the Theatre Royal.
   She was judged to be Yeadon's oldest resident, as such she was given a free aeroplane flight, when asked if she would fly again she replied "Aye if e'll tak me up for nowt". 
Her last years were spent at Shaw Beck House where she was supported by Mr and Mrs Mason until her death in 1945 when she was thought to be aged 94 years.


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