Aireborough Historical Society

Barber, Jackie

Jackie Barber
Date 1970s
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
Comment A group of pupils who have received prizes.

  • Tricia Richardson I went to Guiseley Fieldhead but remember the Goya brothers well as they lived opposite us - terrific to see them again !
  • Karen Child I recognize some of them also ...Jackie Barber, Kay Husband, Alison Parker, Paul Goya, Mick Goya, Andy Havenhand....
  • Jacky Pickering My Mum and step father had the shop opposite the school in 1970 's my step brother Alan Scargill was at the school then .
  • Fiona Quinton Margaret Slingsby, Andy Havenhand?
  • Teena Mitchell Heather Smithson next to Margaret Robb
  • Carol Lesley Learmouth Margaret Robb with the glasses.Would love to ctach up with her again.
  • Simon Butterworth Recognise Michael Robinson and Jackie Barber. Name of girl in from row next to Paul Goyea will come to me eventually.
  • Mark Hainsworth Rick Petty 2nd from left back row next to Mick Goyea, Nigel Robinson far right too
    • Nigel Clough I was wondering if that was Nigel Robinson on the right 
  • Beverley Croft-Nicholson Me too  I was there 1972-77
  • Nigel Clough Pretty sure I recognise some of them! I was at AGS 1971-1978


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