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Balmforth, Lena

Lena Balmforth
Lena BalmforthLena BalmforthLena BalmforthLena BalmforthLena BalmforthLena Balmforth
Lena Balmforth
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
D126 + D120 + D121 + D122 + D117 + D118 + D119 + D124 + D123 & D127
Comment 1: Lena Balmforth is on the right dressed as a leading man. 
It is traditional in pantomimes that the part of the leading man is played by a woman.
2: Lena Balmforth wearing an embellished tunic with train and high collar.

3: A tinted portrait of Lena Balmforth, she is wearing a green blouse and trousers.

4: Lena Balmforth poses against a painted background.
5: The photo is inscribed "To Mary" and shows Lena Balmforth wearing a tunic.

6: Lena Balmforth wearing a jeweled cap, fringed cuffs and tunic. 
Written in the corner is "To my best pal".

7: Lena Balmforth poses in a chair wearing an embellished tunic.
8: Lena Balmforth is holding a cane and wearing a patterned tie and shorts.
The other dancers were: Gladys Young: Rispah Smith: Irene Windus: Ivy Smith: Kitty Marriot.

9: A line-up of dancers, Lena Balmforth is on the left. 
The other girls were Gladys Young   Rispah Smith   Irene Windus   Ivy Smith 
Kitty Marriot
10: Lena Balmforth is playing the piano, Connie Benn is posing on top of the piano.


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