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Z - Slater Slide 1900

E E Slater Glass slide. c1900
Slater Glass Slide
Date c1900
Location Not Known
Photo ID
G222 + H079 + G234 + G235 + H099 + H100 + H101 + H139 + K063 + K072 + K073 + H149 + F367 + G292 + L087 + H231 + H232 + H233 + L89 + G336 + G337 + K128 + P029 + K145 + L115 + K154 + L125 + J399 + J419 + J429 + J459
1: A couple in period dress out for a walk, image taken on a glass slide:

2: This undated image was captured on a glass slide by E E Slater and was given the title 'Rescue Crew'
My guess would be c1900 not sure who they could have been, maybe a bit old to be firemen, maybe financial chaps to do with the James Ives mill where he was the manager.
The two men in the front seem to be well dressed in good tailored clothing.

3: This image by E E Slater is titled "Rockpools" and shows a group of people at an unknown location.

4: Study of a young girl playing a violin, taken on a glass slide by E E Slater

5: An unknown location, appears to be a seaside resort, a notice on the left reads "Caution Bathers".

6: A man and 2 women on a bench in a springtime wood, taken on a glass slide by Ernest E Slater.

7 & 8: Two images titled  "Seated Group", 3 of the ladies have tied their hats down with scarves to prevent the wind blowing them about, this was often done when women were travelling in motor vehicles.
9: This image was taken by E E Slater and is titled "Tea in the Garden". It is likely that the location was the garden of Hopeville, Slater's home.
10: A poor quality image of a group of people in a rowing boat taken on a glass slide by E E Slater. Slater was a founder member of the Yeadon Photographic Society which formed in 1896.
 11 & 12: Two images taken on glass slides by Ernest E Slater, titled "Among the water lilies" , people enjoying a trip in a rowing boat.
13: An image on a glass slide with the title "Three Women".
Ernest Ethelbert Slater was a keen amateur photographer, the slides which remain give a valuable insight to life in his time even when in poor condition such as the one seen here.
Unfortunately there is little or no information with some of them, this could have been taken in the garden of his home Hopeville.
14: This slide is simply entitled 'Sisterly Love'
15: A group of people in front of a greenhouse, possibly at Hopeville, home of E E Slater who took the image as a glass slide.
Note the elaborate hats the ladies on the left and centre are wearing.
 16: People around a rock pool with cascades of water on the left, taken on a glass slide by E E Slater.
 17: Image from the lens of E E Slater of a young woman rowing a boat.
18: A woman poses beside a tree for E E  Slater.
 19: Two women captured on camera in a doorway
20: A cleft in the steep rock face has steps cut into it, a man and a boy recline on the rocks while a girl stands on the rock behind them on the left.
Women observe from above.
21: Titled "Caught a Crab", this is a sea-side subject for photographer E E Slater (possibly Filey) 
22: Simply called "Elephant" this is one of the many images taken on glass slides by E E Slater. The location is unknown.
23: A photograph without any information at all other than it was among the glass slides in our archives which belonged to photographer E E Slater of Hopeville House, Yeadon.
They look like a group of people on their way to a function, the background could be the Yeadon / Carlton area but I am afraid that's all just guess work on my part.
Nevertheless it's a snapshot in time.
29: Image from the lens of E E Slater, it appears to be the interior of a paper mill, location unknown.

30: Two men appear to be operating a pump which is filling a barrel on a horse drawn cart.
31: A seated group, some of the faces seen here are familiar as the people are seen in many of E E Slater's photos, it is reasonable to suppose that they were family or close friends.
32: This image was called "In the Park", a group of people are seated between on the left, weighing scales and a post box to the right. 

33: Two men reclining on a moor, both smoking their pipes and with pic-nic baskets behind them.

34: The title of this image taken by E E Slater was "Another Group".
It is of variable quality, to the left the woman's dress is quite clear, made of polka dot material with ruffles.
Some of the ladies have scarves tied over their hats perhaps to prevent the wind blowing them off if they have travelled in an open top car.
35: Three ladies on or beside a body of water, the woman in the centre is holding a book open.

36: An image taken by E E Slater titled "Boy in a Boat", it is of a boy paddling a primitive boat with his hands.
37: 1910 A group of 4 people pose in a gateway.

Lovely image it reminds me of the way the lasied were dressed at my gran's wedding. Even though people did not have much money or many clothes they always had their "Sunday Best" - we always got a new outfit for Whit Sunday and that was in the 1950's!
22 January 2015
I am sure that E.E.Slater was connected to the Old Dog Mill, so this may be where the title came from after the fire.
29 January 2015
Just love the water lilies slide these are all so beautiful thank you to E E Slater for all his hard work all those years ago sure he would be proud to know we are sharing.
15 June 2015
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