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Menston Norcroft Farm

Norcroft FarmNorcroft FarmNorcroft Farm
Norcroft Farm
Date Undated
Location Menston
Photo ID
B200 + B201 & B199
Top: The eastern end of the farm which was situated on Hawksworth Moor.
It has now been rebuilt

Middle: An interior view of Norcroft Farm showing windows which have been bricked up, in the centre the line of an original door which has also been altered can be seen.
The building dated from around 1671.

Bottom: Norcroft was one of 4 farms on Hawksworth Moor owned by the Fawkes family and let to tenants, the original building had a date stone marked 1671.
When High Royds hospital was built Norcroft, Odda, Thorpe and Home farms were given over to the hospital to provide food for the staff and patients.
Local men were employed as farm hands helped by patients.
Norcroft had livestock mainly sheep, pigs and cows.
This image is of a doorway on the east side of the building which is thought to date from the late 17th or early 18th centuries.
The farm has since been rebuilt.


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