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Esholt Clapper Bridge 1997

Clapper Bridge
Date May 1997
Location Esholt
Photo ID
Y30 + Y31 + Y32 + Y33 + Y34 & Y35
Comment 1: Arnold Holdsworth stands on the ancient clapper bridge. 
The name "clapper" is derived from the Latin claperius, meaning a pile of stones, this type of bridge was simply constructed by laying slabs of stone on piers or piles of stones for support.

2: Various measurements have been given for some of the stones used to construct this bridge eg the top stone measures 10" deep, 7' 10" long and 34" wide and is gritstone. 
The bridge is largely made of chunks of dressed stone and cemented at one bank. 
The man in the water is Denis Williams.

3: Bridge with Ford, Esholt 

4: View of a bridge at Esholt with water from a Medieval ford flowing under it.

5: The shallow flow of water under the bridge is visible, this is from a Medieval ford.

6: Bridge with Ford, Esholt Looking down on a shallow watercourse which is from a Medieval ford.

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