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Esholt Belmont Woods


Belmont Woods
Date Undated
Location Esholt Springs
Photo ID
A280 + A281 & A284
Over the porch entrance is the once familiar advertisement for Frys "Five Boys" chocolate.

This area of Esholt woods was known locally as Belmont or Beliburn wood.
There was a sweet shop on Yeadon High St. where Morrison's is and was owned by Percy Ryder, wonder if he was one of the sons.
Thursday, November 22, 2012
Another of our play places We spent many a Happy Hour in these woods as children, and even as late as 2009 I took my wife ,who is suffering from alzheimers walking in the woods and also on the old Yeadon railway line
Tuesday, May 21, 2013

As boys in the 30s and 40s, we would spend all our play time in Bellyburn Woods.\We went in behind the Hopwood's cottage on Stone Top, and up into the woods.
At the summit, there is a stone outcrop with two rocks with a small crack between them.
We gathered acorns, built a little fire in the crack, and roasted and ate them.
Apparently they are not poisonous, because we never felt any ill-effects from them.
Then we would go on the top of the "Roman Wall", between the railway and the Old Coach Road,
and back home through Guiseley, and West Field.

Jon Hopkinson
16 May 2015
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