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British Columbia Kootenay Landing

Kootenay Landing
Date c1900
Location British Columbia
Photo ID
R186    Ernest E Slater Slide
A train at a railway halt which has a sign "Kootenay Ldg"
Facebook comments 23rd August 2016:
Aireborough Historical Society Well spotted Nicola will archive it as you have suggested. Carlo Harrison
Nicola Pullan
Nicola Pullan Glad I could help! :)
1 ·  23 hrs

Steve Roberts It's "KOOTENAY LDG" - Kootenay Landing. I've emailed the Creston Museum about this photo, as I think they'll be very interested.

Nicola Pullan Could this be Kootenay, British Columbia rather than Hootenay?

Adrian Harper I used to love building rickety looking trestles like that for my toy trains in the garden.

John Wheatley

Nicola Pullan Possibly here from a different angle even, hard to tell from the angle...


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