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Bradford Bolling Hall

Bolling Hall
Date Undated
Location Bradford
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F219 & F388     Donated by Alice Killerby
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1: The entrance hall and kitchen.
2: View of a 14th Century room, the hall is one of the oldest buildings in Bradford, during the English Civil War (1642-1651) it was used as a Royalist stronghold.
It was donated to Bradford Council in 1912 and became a museum a few years later.

3: This is the "ghost" room, during the English Civil War Bolling Hall was a Royalist base while Bradford was a Parliamentarian stronghold.
When the siege of Bradford took place the Royalists were the victors, the Earl of Newcastle, a Royalist commander was staying at Bolling Hall, it was expected that he would extract a bloody revenge on the Parliamentarian captors.
It is said that a ghost appeared to him in this room and begged him to "Pity poor Bradford".
4: The oldest part of Bolling Hall is thought to have been constructed as a Pele tower, the Manor of Bolling was mentioned in the Doomsday Book, then owned by a man called Sindi. Next came Ilbert De Lacy followed around 1316 by William Bolling.
The Bolling family held the property until the late 15th Century when the Tempest's took the estate, it stayed in their possession until 1649.
The estate then had various owners, it was given to Bradford Corporation in 1912 and opened as a museum 3 years later.
It is still a museum and education centre with exhibits from the English Civil War, it is reputedly haunted by a ghost which appeared to the Earl of Newcastle begging the Royalist commander to spare the Parliamentarian's who had fought during the Seige of Bradford "Pity poor Bradford".

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