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2008 First Day At School

Title First Day At School
Lauren Duffy
Gender Female
Date of Birth 2003
Currently Residing Yeadon
"My first day of school
When it was my first day of school, I can remember I put on my uniform, combed my hair, looked at myself in the mirror, and then went for my breakfast.
I had my breakfast then put on my black polished shoes, I put my coat on then went outside.
My mum took a photograph of me, as usual, and I went and sat in the car, my brother was carried to the car and put in his seat.
I set off for school, and when I got there, I saw my friend from pre-school, she had another girl with her, she was crying and another girl came up and helped my friends and me.
I think we said we would be friends forever.
The bell went, and I walked into class.
As I saw my teacher for the first time, I felt a wave of happiness flow through my body, she looked kind, thoughtful, and very happy.
I had to put my name in a basket, to show whether I was feeling either happy or sad, and I sat down.
She took the register, and then said a few things about the school, told us the rules, and then gave us a tour around the school.
After that, we played inside for a bit, my friends and me, then went to play on the climbing frame, I also, I think, went on a bike.
The whistle blew and we went inside.
Then I played in the sandpit and finally, when it was lunchtime, I went home.
My parents came to pick me up, with my brother, and I had a broad smile on my face.
I said, "I was so scared when I saw the school, it was big,but I saw my friend and I went over to her.
When I saw my teacher, I was happy.
I can’t wait till I go next week.

Lauren D

Age 10

All I can remember from my first day of school. "
Written May 2013

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