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17th/18th Century - Collier Family Nether Yeadon

Gravestone in Guiseley Church
Manuscript written by Josiah Collier (1595-1677),Title-page of a 1651 publication by Jeremy Collier
Title The Collier Family
Name Oliver Pickering
Gender Male
Date of Birth February 1947
Currently Residing Menston
The Collier Family of Nether Yeadon, a study by Oliver Pickering of Menston.
In this instance I have included a link to Olivers full research, bit too big to do it justice on here.
Very interesting and... well worth a read.

Oliver has compiled a detailed study of the lives of members of the Collier family of Nether Yeadon in the 17th and earlier 18th centuries.
He began by investigating the ancestry of the late 17th-century historian and critic of the stage, Bishop Jeremy Collier (1650-1726), hence the title of the study (freely available online) Yeomen and Clerics:
The Yorkshire Puritan Ancestry of Bishop Jeremy Collier.
Oliver shows that the bishop’s great-grandfather was John Collier of Nether Yeadon (d. 1623), from whom he was descended by way of the latter’s son Jeremiah (1592-1635), who was a well-known Yorkshire Puritan preacher, and the clergyman and linguist Jeremy Collier (1618?-1668).
Other family members of the same period whose lives are investigated in detail include a line of variously successful yeomen farmers (Zachary, Timothy, Joshua, and Zachariah Collier), the schoolmaster and clergyman John Collier of Haworth (1624-75), and the lay preacher and controversial religious writer Josiah Collier (1595-1677), whose daughter Sarah Grimshaw of Rawdon became a Quaker.

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