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2013 Harry at BBC Gardener's World

Title Harry at BBC Gardener's World
Erica Ward
Gender Female
Date of Birth December 1967
Currently Residing Rawdon
We have the recent memory of a very proud mother Erica Ward.
You can see Erica and her 'Plant Van' on Yeadon Town Hall Square every Friday, but today, this is all about her son.

As a family we have been involved in the BBC Gardeners' World Live Show for the last three years - I created two small show gardens in 2010 and 2011 - and Harry has been a big part in previous years, getting to know designers, exhibitors and enjoying the build up as well as the show week at the NEC in Birmingham.

He has seen the hard work behind the scenes and had always wanted to participate.
His theme for his border garden was inspired by his time spent on a caravan park during our stay at the show last year, he was desperate to kick a football around, but unfortunately there were "No Ball Games" allowed.
When he researched further he realised just how many places had "No Ball Games" signs and that there was a real decline in playing spaces for children.
He submitted his application to the show - design attached - and was accepted.
He sourced an old football turnstile which formed the centre piece of his design, an old metal "No Ball Games" sign from a housing estate company in Bradford and his planting was based around wildflower meadows.

He received excellent feedback from the visitors, the other exhibitors, garden designers and the RHS and GW team were so encouraging and inspiring.
It’s not often that children are given such an opportunity and he worked hard to create the finished design.

At 14 years of age, he’s the show’s youngest exhibitor and was delighted to not only have his design accepted for a garden, but to be their youngest RHS Silver medal winner.
He also represented the Gardeners' World team as the show’s Junior Reporter and recorded events at the show on a daily basis. He has posted all these on his facebook page which he set up last year –

He hopes to return to the show in 2014 with a bigger garden and has even bigger ideas!

Erica Ward (July 2013)
Written July 2013

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