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1926-1939 Childhood Memories Part 9 The End

John (Malcolm) Denison

Childhood Memories
Date 1926-1939
Location Yeadon

After many fascinating weeks recounting the childhood memories of John (Malcolm) Denison in Yeadon from 1926 to 1939, today we reach the final installment.
A thank you to John for sharing these with us.
John was born in 1926 and now lives in Salisbury.

"Menfolk from the vicinity would build the bonfire so that it could be anything from 12 to 15 feet high with a small tunnel built in through which it could be ignited with an oil-soaked rag.
Lighting time was as soon as it fell dark with with many people attending from the surrounding area.
This was the time for setting off the fireworks after which, once the fire was down to glowing embers potatoes would be put in to be raked out with long sticks, the womenfolk would produce parkin pigs and men.

On those occasions when no local community bonfire was being built we had our own on the front lawn.
This left a round patch which would remain grass-less for a long time joining the well-worn path which people used instead of following the road.
One Bonfire night I went with my friend Frank to 'their' bonfire in a field near Ledgards garage.
There we found an empty bus fuel tank into which we inserted giant bangers and sat on it, what a good job it was that no fuel or fuel vapor was left in the tank.

About this 'path' which was much disputed as to whether it was a right of way.
Eventually No.1 fenced of their end and put up a stile but No.5 caused lots more bother when they also fenced off inserting a difficult to open gate.
Sounds a bit like 'much ado about nothing' but who else would want people ducking their way through hung out washing.
No.1 caused even more uproar by inserting a bollard to close the entire terrace to vehicles, this made the local press.

On 5th November 1939 my childhood was over when I became a teenager and supposedly assuming a more responsible attitude, especially since the war against Germany had been declared two months earlier."

John Denison
October 2013

The photo is John Denison April 2013 aged 86