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Main Street

Main Street
Date Undated
Location Hawksworth
Photo ID
A297 + D029 + D032 + F095 + F096 & F098
1: On the left is a wheelwright and blacksmiths shop.
To the right, the second house in from the edge was formerly a beer house called the Brown Cow.
It was closed some time in the 19th Century by the Fawkes family who lived at Hawksworth Hall until they moved to Farnley Hall.

2: This view of Main Street is looking towards Hawksworth Hall.
The horse and cart belonged to grocer John Dibb of Guiseley and was used to deliver orders for his customers.

3: This view is of the end of Main Street, looking towards Odda Lane, a group of children on the right are posing for the camera.
4: A postcard which is postmarked 1942 of Main Street looking towards Odda Lane.

5: An early view of Main Street, on the right where the cart is parked the building is Hawksworth School.

6: View of the village featuring Main Street.

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