Aireborough Historical Society

Main Street 1920s

Main Street
Date 1920s
Location Hawksworth
Photo ID
A296 + A298 & A299
Top: Main Street Hawksworth, a village on the outskirts of Guiseley.
Pictured is Mrs Wilkinson's farm house and tea rooms, a favourite place for walkers and cyclists to refresh themselves.

Middle: The first building on the left is Church of England Primary School, it was built on land given by Ayscough Fawkes in 1879.
Bottom: There is uncertainty about the identity of this farm.On the index which goes with the photos it is named as Manor Farm.The same image was published in Martin Rigg's book "Old Aireborough" where it is said to be Springside Farm, home of the Briggs family for over 60 years.

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