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Hawksworth Hall

Hawksworth Hall
Date Various
Location Hawksworth
Photo ID
F127 + AA80 + FBA318 + C320 + C321 + C322
K209     Photographer  E E Slater
Comment 1: Hawksworth Hall was home to the Hawksworth family for centuries, the earliest date evidence to be found in the house is a carved stone marked with the date 1611. 
In 1825 the Hawksworths moved to Farnley Hall and leased the Hall to tenants. 
It became a residential school for the charity SCOPE in 1960 to care for children with cerebral palsy, it closed in 1999 due to falling numbers. 
A company which manufactures stairlifts now has offices there (October 2012).

2 & 3: A line drawing of the Hall, it was home to the Hawksworth family for many years.

4: View of the Hall which was built around 1611, it was the home of the Hawksworth family for over 300 years. 
In 1960 it was bought by SCOPE and became a home for children with cerebral palsy, this was closed in 1999 and the Hall was sold a few years later.
It became offices for a company which manufactures stair lifts in 2012.

5: Carved bird which is the family crest of the Hawk family.

6: This decorative feature is the Arms of King James 1st in the Royal Room.

7: Fireplace and ceiling in the Royal Room which displays the Arms of King James 1st (not in view).
8: This view of Hawksworth Hall was taken by E E Slater C1900

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