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Moorland Estate VJ Party 1945

VJ Party Moorland Estate Families

Moorland Estate VJ Party
Date September 1945
Location Guiseley
Photo ID
FBA207     Information and image donated by Brian Triffitt
A party held to celebrate Victory in Japan for the families who lived on the Moorland estate, it was held in the rectory hall on Church Street.
The donor of the image Brian Triffitt also supplied the following information about George Maude one of his contemporaries.
   "To the rear of the image the lady standing beneath the flag to the left of the room is Mrs Maude, young George is held up by her shoulder, they lived at the far end of Moorland Crescent.
He was the only son of Mr and Mrs Cyril Maude and nephew of Miss Irene Maude of Ings Lane.
He attended Aireborough Grammar School where his specialist subject was history, his tutor was the late Alan Dobson, going on to graduate from the London School of Economics.
     Dr Maude became Dean of the International Faculty of Law of the University of Turku, he was also a staunch supporter of the Finnish-Soviet Friendship and the Nordic nuclear free-zone proposal.
His wife Helena is Finnish and teaches English at a sixth form college, they have two children, a son Andrei and a daughter Ulrika at university  in Barcelona.
He was honoured to be invested with the order of Knighthood 1st Class in the Order of Finnish Lions."
The date of this information is unknown but could be from between the 1950s to 1980s when the Nordic nuclear-free policy was being advocated.

Ken Lee gave us the following comments:
I notice that the photo is very similar to the Hawkhill Avenue one already in your archive - obviously some photographer was offering a job lot!
I  know hardly anyone in the photo I'm afraid.
Looking at the photo, on the right hand side there are a bunch of children, eight in all, sitting without any adults.
The first lad beyond that - white shirt, dark braces, looking in the wrong direction - that's me! 
The lady next to me is my mum (Marian Lee), next to her is (I think) Mrs. Kendall, which probably means that the little girl peeping around my head is Jennifer Kendall. The older woman (in glasses) standing behind me is (again I think) Mrs. Baldwin. We were all neighbours in Moorland Crescent.


Judith Wood is the girl at the top of the table on the right with a large white bow in her hair.
21 January 2020
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