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St Oswald's Halloween Dance 1952/3

St Oswald's Halloween Dance
Date 1952/3
Location Guiseley
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The dance was held in the old Parish Hall, on the back row, from left to right are :
George Webster, Jumbo, Raymond Proom who was the leader, Harry Longfellow & Dennis Kirkbright.
Comments from our facebook page 25th May 2016:

Elizabeth Ludley Grimshaw Middle Row girls L to R ? ? Elaine Dudley holding the ball, Avril Cooper, Ann Riddiough - holding pumpkin head, Pat Dennison, Me (Elizabeth Ludley) Nita Riddiough.

Elizabeth Ludley Grimshaw Second row from the back, Colleen ?, then Shirley Robinson second from left and Trevor Iles far right.

Karen Lee Irene Bishop 2nd from left 2nd row back. 3rd from right front row Colin Taylor

Elizabeth Ludley Grimshaw I think that is Peter Webster (George's brother) on the front row, second from the right, and seated next to Colin Taylor.

Nigel Longfellow Big John Whit hasn't changed much!


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