Aireborough Historical Society

Territorials 1914

Date August 4th 1914
Location Guiseley Station
Photo ID
B285 & I114
On Monday 3rd of August the Guiseley Company of Territorials were undergoing their annual training in Marske when they were called home.
The following day, August 4th war was declared, they were ordered to join their Regiment at Headquarters in Skipton. 
In the evening Captain Chaffer and Lieutenant Law departed from Guiseley station with 62 men. 
Crowds assembled from the Drill Hall on Victoria Road to the station to cheer them on their way.

November 27th 2014      AHS Newspaper Article
This photo and article were published in the Wharfedale Observer. It prompted 22,763 people to open the article on the Aireborough Historical Society Facebook page to look at the original photo and read the text.

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