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Guiseley Railway 2014

Guiseley Railway
Date February 2014
Location Guiseley
Photo ID
K260 + K270 + K280 + K290 + K291 + K300 + K310 + K320 + K321 + K322 + K330 + K331+ K340 + K350     Photographer John Arundel
1: Looking along the railway line to the footbridge which takes passengers over the line.

2: Looking along the railway line in the direction of Ilkley, the ticket office is on the left, waiting room to the right.

3: On the right is the waiting room, a man is checking train times on the indicator, to his left (not in view) is an alley which leads to Netherfield Road.
The view looks in the direction of Ilkley.

4 & 5: Two almost identical views of the station, one in colour the other black & white.
The train is going to Ilkley, on the right is the back of Abraham Moon's mill.

6: Platform for the Ilkley train and stations en route with the ticket office and car park in view.

7: Looking back from the footbridge which crosses the railway line to the road bridge which carries Oxford Road over the line.
On the left is Netherfield Road.

8: 9: 10: Views of the railway line seen from Oxford Road bridge which carries the road over the line.

11 & 12: Scenes from the footbridge at Guiseley station, looking along the railway line.

13: Train approaching the station from the direction of Leeds or Bradford, in the right background buildings on Oxford Road can be seen.
14: View from platform 2, looking towards Oxford Road.

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