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Guiseley School

Guiseley School Prize Day
Date December 1967
Location Guiseley
Photo ID
G238     Photographer Bryan Waite, donated by his family.
A group of prize winners.

Our friends on the 'Our Guiseley' facebook page have given us some names.

·  Angela Luty The tall lad on the left is Robert Sheldon, I think one of the middle girls could be called ? Hudson.

·  Colin Waterworth 2nd from left is Angela Medley,3rd from left is Gwyneth Hudson. Back row 2nd from left is David Carter,then Martin Copperthwaite.

Valerie Maud Lorrinda Summers next to Gwyneth Hudson


October 2016: Views of the school located on Fieldhead Road.

Photographer Joanne Coultas


June/July 1962: Philip Archdale donated these images and told us "The photos of Guiseley School were taken as we departed on the Guiseley School trip to Edinburgh in June or July 1962.

I am crouched 3rd from the right on the photo by the footbridge, I included the other photo more for the view of the station buildings in the background.

I think we only stayed one night but seemed to do a lot in the visit ".


C1963: School Staff.

Donated by Philip Archdale who supplied the following names :

Back row : Mr Watson    Mr Dennison    Mr Guy    Mr Miller?   Mr Southwell   Mr McKenzie

They taught Craft & Design, Geography, Art, PE/Games, Metalwork

Middle row :Marjorie Burgoyne  Agnes Norman   Margaret Wilkinson   Bronwen Hargreaves

Kathy Winterburn   Anita Williams   Anne Harrison  Judith Haddy

Front row : Mr Peter Spencer    Mr Popplewell   Miss McKay    Mr Bowers, Headmaster

Mr Binns, Deputy Headmaster    Mr Wilson    Mr Thompson, Deputy Headmaster.

The subjects taught by these staff were Mathematics, Science, English, History, Rural Studies.


Undated: Guiseley School for pupils aged 11 - 18 is located on Fieldhead Road.


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