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Guiseley Rectory

Guiseley Rectory
Guiseley RectoryGuiseley Rectory InteriorGuiseley Rectory
Guiseley Rectory
Date Undated
Location Guiseley
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1: Once the home of the Rector of St Oswalds Church this Elizabethan house has been converted into apartments), a new Rectory was built on the Green.
It is believed that the old Rectory was built on the site of an ancient Manor House, once home to the De Warde family who were Lords of the Manor of Guiseley.
The Manor was at least partially moated, a fish pond in the Rectory gardens is thought to be the remains of the moat. March 2013

2: Looking across the garden to the Elizabethan Rectory.

3: Home to the Rector of St Oswalds Church, this is a view of the hall.

4: Looking across from a corner of the burial ground of St Oswalds Church, Guiseley Rectory is in the background.

5: A first floor bedroom in the old Rectory (now apartments: April 2015) the walls are oak panelled and the end wall is beamed with plaster infill.

6 & 7: A drawing of the old Rectory with information produced by Aireborough Civic Society.

8 & 9: Interior views of the roof space where the beams and roof structure are being inspected.
10: The hall with period furnishings.


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