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Guiseley AFC 1963

Guiseley AFC
Date 26th April 1963
Location Guiseley
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Guiseley football team with D.P and E teams who met in the Wharfedale Challenge Cup

some of the facebook comments:
  • Jay Whitaker Grandad back row second left, lost him last year love this pic cheers whoever put it up!! Becky 'Doore' Pollhammer

    Rachel O'Connor Some of the Guiseley names are Mick Stocks, John Whitaker and John France. Among the D P and E faces I recognise are George Fordham, Roger Wilkinson, Jonny Hunt, Jim Inman, Nipper Pullan, Ronnie Daykin, Dave Sturgeon. I will check them out with my cousin who is in the picture. These Wharfedale Challenge Cup clashes between Guiseley and D P and E were immense battles.

    Tommy Broadwell Back row second on the left Eddie Glaister Guiseley AFC goal keeper

  • Hilary Arundale Front row 2nd from left is Alan Devanney

    Graham Braithwaite I think I'm right in saying that it was somewhere around this time that Guiseley won the Wharfedale Cup 9 years in succession, and the Wharedale FA 'suggested' they might like to give someone else a chance to win it by dropping out for a little while or playing the reserve team in it instead. I seem to remember Guiseley beating Burley Trojans 10-0 in the semi-final, and that must have hastened the 'suggestion' somewhat!

    Louise Ginog Rowling My great uncle John (Whitaker) is knelt on the far right just behind the front row. Jay Whitaker, you have a reet look of him.

    Rachel O'Connor Alan Knowles also on D P and E team.

    Rick Hartley Dawson Payne Elliot

    Rachel O'Connor Trying to put it in some sort of order: Back row, left to right - unknown, Eddie Glaister, unknown, Jim Inman, John 'Nipper' Pullan, unknown, Dave Sturgeon?, John France, unknown
    Middle, left to right - George Fordham, Jonny Hunt, Roger Wilkinson, Ronnie Daykin, unknown, Alan Knowles.
    Front, left to right - Unknown, Alan Devanney, unknown, Colin Farrell?, Mick Stocks, unknown, John Whitaker. Guiseley won the final making it 3 years in a row and they went on to stretch that to 8 years in a row. The referee for the 1963 final was T Crombie.

    Louise Ginog Rowling Jay sorry I didn't recognize your grandad, well i didn't look at all the other ppl really once i saw John. Do u think grandad Eric will be on this pic too? I can barely remember what he looked like?

    Louise Ginog Rowling I haven't seen uncle John for a while. He had a stroke a few years ago and ended up in a wheelchair, as far as i know he's still with us.

    Graham Braithwaite Are Mick Stocks and John Whitaker still alive? And didn't John Mahoney play for DP&E around this time?


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