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Guiseley Flood 1968

Greenbottom, Guiseley. 1960s
Queensway, Guiseley. 1968
Greenbottom Flood
Date 1968
Location Guiseley
Photo ID
E339 + G249 & G250 Photographer Bryan Wait, donated by his family
Top: This image is labelled as Greenbottom, the road is flooded due to a thunderstorm one Monday.
Water reached a depth of 2ft in places, Rawdon Fire Brigade were called out to deal with the emergency and the road was closed for a time.

Middle: Otley Road under water, on the right is Nunroyd Mill, a vehicle is turning into the road from Ghyllroyd.
On the left a large van belonging to Eagle Carriers of Wombwell.

Bottom: Scene in Guiseley at the bottom of Queensway.
Vehicles struggle to drive through flood water.

The top photo was taken outside the entrance to the 'Shires' factory, wasn't it?
26 March 2015
Yes Ken, that's right. It was the old end of Park Road before Morrisons was built and now on the right is the retail park with Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pet World, etc. The middle one is Leeds road with Peates Mill on the right.
28 March 2015
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