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Fieldhead School 1970s

Fieldhead School
Date 1970s
Location Guiseley
Photo ID
Boys swimming team, they had won the boy's championships in the recent Airedale and Wharfedale Competition.

Information and comment from our facebook page 30th March 2015:-
  • Julie Farnell-Foster My brother Graham Farnell, front row second on left. Excellent swimmer and diver.

    Nigel Wooler Graham Wadsworth is sat behind the shield with the other superstar swimmer, Clifford Howland sat in the centre row second from the left. They were both exceptionally good swimmersl. Douglas Gath and Peter Bunker are also on the middle row, 3rd & 4th fr...See More

    Jennie Hall They was in my class andy but can't see on me phone

    Andy Bodkin Mixed years Jennie Hall some from my year too

    Ann Clayton Nigel Lister far right middle row, Ian Brown mid middle row , Graham ? Front row second to left

    Andy Bodkin Date would be between 72 and76 I would think

    Tommy Broadwell Robert Gill first on the left middle row

    Andy Bodkin John John Waite is that you ? Also recognise Paul pleasance, peter Bunker,Graham Beal and other faces. Lovely picture

    Dave Fulton Definitely a cheeky John Waite Andy, I was trying to work out whether that was you Graham Beale, so angelic looking and never had you down as a swimmer, but they were definitely your boots...

    Hannah Farnell Julie Farnell-Foster I just sent mum the picture asking if that was my dad. Thought it was.

    Graham Beale This picture covers at least 3 (maybe 4) different years, so names don't come easy, know all the faces. Chuffed to bits to see it.......

    Marie Kunning Lots of faces but can't put names to them , Graham Farnell bless him lovely lad .

    Jackie Park Robert griffin is the tall one on the back row. Same class as Nigel lister and jock Baxter. I was in the same class.

    Marie Kunning Isn't the lad on back row first left one of websters ??

    John Waite PS My guess is 73 or 4. The photo def taken by my father Bryan Waite, of Guiseley...I remember helping him process the film and print the image in the darkroom.

  • Gill Rogers Clifford Webb 2nd left middle row, lots of familiar faces just can't remember the names.

  • Paul Rookledge graham farnell second in on bottom row we used to be best mates in the seventies

    Karen Maynard If anyone knows where Graham Wadsworth is these days would like to know as he knew my hubby Mart at Rolls Royce in 1979 ish too. (Karen Ives in school days)

    Karen Maynard Gosh is that Graham Wadsworth. Knew him when he came to Aireborough and worked with him at Aireborough baths as swimming ass

    Graham Wadsworth this was 1973. we had won the Airedale and Wharfedale school swimming championships at our ''home ground'' Guiseley Baths. what a team...!!!

    Ivor Wilson graham beal fr far right

    Mark Jackson Peter Bunker was my ex Brother in law..he's a grandad now I think??

  • Samantha Jane Thackray spotted Graham Beale and John Waite straight away!
  • John Waite If I repeat anyone already identifield..sorry. Yup handsome (cute..thanks Alexandra Mckenzie) chap on the right is me. Hair still the same but a bit darker now! Beezer (Graham Beale) front right. He still wears those dock martins but I think they are bright red these days!  3rd from right front row with glasses Simon Fanthorpe (Fanny). Middle row seated next to Nigel Lister, 2nd from right is Andy Baxter, very good brass band musician and now leading singer with Aire Gilbert and Sullivan Society. Middle row floral shirt..someone Norris? Back row 3rd from right with white shirt Paul Pleasance, now on board of director for Morrisons Supermarket. Next to him in black shirt Paul Mackie, now leading figure in Bradford Chamber of Commerce. Desperately trying to think od name for guy sat next to Beezer. Used to live on Tran it Peter Finch??? Not sure on that one. "Cute"! Alexandra Mckenzie..."cute"! We need to have words!! Lol!


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