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Chippindale's Shop

Chippindale's Shop
Date 1895
Location Guiseley
Photo ID

Photo taken in the loft above the shop on Otley Road, it was used as a boot factory.

From left to right are : Harry Chippindale grandfather of the donor of the photo Jane Blake, Albert Chippindale, Dennis Bradbury ?, Nelson ?


1920s: A shop window display which was entered into the Daily Express National Shop Window Display Contest, it was a prizewinner for Margaret (Meg) Fawcett nee Chippindale, mother of Jane Blake who donated the image.

The window is full of various fashionable shoe styles, an authentic view of 1920s footwear.


1930: In the shop doorway is Miss Margaret Chippindale, married name Fawcett, mother of the donor of the photo Jane Blake.


C1900: A group of people in the shop doorway.

Donated by Jane Blake

C1939: This photo was taken after the shop property had been divided, the left half became Crockatt's Cleaners (this paid for the modernisation of the shoe shop) and Addy's Outfitters.

Donated by Jane Blake


1939: This old sign was found when the shop was being refitted following the division of the property, it advertises well known brands of footwear.

Donated by Jane Blake


1939: Chippindale's Shop, Guiseley

Interior view of the shop after a major refurbishment, the old advertising sign had been found during the work.

Donated by Jane Blake


1940s: Shop assistants outside the shop to the right on Springfield Place.

On the left is Edna to the right Mary Bailey, she emigrated to New Zealand.

Donated by Jane Blake


1978: The shop windows have been dressed to celebrate the centenary of the business.

Donated by Jane Blake


1978: Looking across Otley Road to Chippindale's shoe shop at the corner with Springfield Place, to the left is Crockatt's Cleaners.

Donated by Jane Blake


1970s: Located on Otley Road, to the left is Crockatt's Cleaners, then the shoe shop at the corner with Springfield Place.

Donated by Jane Blake


Undated: Interior of the shoe shop, on the left is Anne Boult, middle Mrs Jane Blake the owner of the business and to the right Mrs Madge Dawson.

The business was selected as one of the top 3 in the UK for a national award.

Photo Winpenny Donated by Jane Blake


1980s: Interior of the shop, Mrs Anne Boult is fitting shoes for customer Cathy Miller's child.

Photo Winpenny. Donated by Jane Blake


1990: Owner Jane Blake is fitting shoes for her mother Mrs Meg Fawcett nee Chippindale.

Photo Winpenny. Donated by Jane Blake


1990: The man is Paddy Blake with Jane Blake who donated the photo, in the background is her mother Mrs Meg Fawcett.

Photo Winpenny


1990: New oak exterior fittings to the shop.

Photo Winpenny.

Donated by Jane Blake


1990: Looking across Otley Road, on the left Crockatt's Cleaners then the shoe shop with new exterior oak fittings, next Springfield Place and on the right the National & Provincial Building Society.

Donated b Jane Blake


February 2000: End of the era : on the left Mrs Jane Blake locks the door for the last time as the business closed.

Moving right are Madge Dawson, Anne Boult, Pat Hindle (behind), Pam Clitheroe and Olwynne Rhodes.

Donated by Jane Blake


C1990: This loft was used as the workshop when the Chippendale family made their own boots  and shoes.

Donated by Jane Blake


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