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Charles Busfield & Co Staff 1920

Charles Busfield Workers Title
Charles Busfield Staff
Date 1920
Location Guiseley
Photo ID
Staff of Making Up Department
Charles Busfield & Co of Albion Dyeworks which lay between Church Street and Union Street off Towngate.
Products included knitting wools and wool for rug making, the company was sold to Readicut and the dyeworks has since been demolished.
New housing is on the site.
This image is of Mr Joseph Hanson and the girls of the Making Up Department.




Standing 3rd from left on the 2nd row, next to the lady in the dark flowered dress / top, 16 yrs old Annie Elizabeth Smith, "Lizzie", my Mother.
She "confessed" to me that she was nicknamed "Liz Piss Pepper Arse" by her workmates. She was the eldest of the five children of Arthur Smith of Upper end farm.
After a failed first marriage to Arthur Brook Smith, Lizzie in the early 1930's formed a life long relationship with her stepbrother Alfred Stanley "Stan" Hextall, they married after her divorce in1956.
She died 9/9/1992 aged 87yrs
07 April 2013
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